Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Pool Table

The pool table. Quick shots. A series of 14 photographs.
I kinda like this one.


Anonymous said...

woowee!! pool table...never knew it cud look this artistically beautiful... thanks to the angles u took it from! otherwise from ariel view...its a flat green platform with kalerful balls and a stick and chalk. sounds gross ar? :P muahahahaha ;)

ps: eventho it's B&W one of the photo u can akchelly see the reflection on the ball, accurate nyer photographer ni?? *wonders* :p

Kamelia said...

B&W is nice and all. But do something in colour la! Hehe.

ashraf ishak said...
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ashraf ishak said...

I'm currently loving your photos. Keep up the good work mate!. Oh yeah, your on my blog's link


Anonymous said...


~madman speaks

(ps where the fuck r u anyways?)

Charisse said...

Well written article.